Thursday, 20 June 2013

A little bit retro

Last year, at Lia and Juliet's Supper Club, we ate gooseberry knickerbocker glories. And more recently, I have been unable to stop thinking about banana splits, after Emma described her ingenious banana split kit birthday present.

Despite not having the proper dishes, one sunny Sunday we built our splits:
Bananas, split down the middle
Ice cream, a range of flavours
Squirty cream (mmm, found a delicious French version)
Strawberry and chocolate sauce
And a flake.

Wow. The kids went crazy for this classic pud (and, secretly, so did we). Got me thinking about other long-lost desserts, such as baked Alaska, Arctic roll, ice cream oysters, and maybe an ice cream float. Funny how food goes out of fashion. 

What are your favourite retro puddings? What have I forgotten?

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