Thursday, 30 May 2013

Spring food and friends

This time of year offers such treats. Asparagus is our main May indulgence: steamed with soft-boiled eggs; chopped up bite-size in sparky, citrus risotto; char-grilled and tender in salads like this one, above. I'd love to share the recipe but it's one for the book and so TOP SECRET until this time next year.

Last Friday, we held a dinner for six friends. These beautiful radishes weren't for the salad; instead, they were purely decorative, sitting neatly atop each napkin as a little hello to our friends and to Spring herself. We ate Middle-Eastern salads from great platters; couscous studded with almonds, raisins and coconut; halloumi and figs. The table was set with candles, lilacs, tulips. I even made ice-cream - milk, honey and cinnamon ice-cream, from this wonderful Tessa Kiros recipe.

It was all good. Mostly because our friends made it great; 'celebrating the experience of eating well with the people you love', as this fantastically beautiful book so eloquently puts it.
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