Tuesday, 28 May 2013

One of the family

If this table could talk, it would tell tales of family meals, of discussions and rows, love and laughter. It would speak of homework, baking, games, and drawing. It could describe me, my brother, and my parents in more detail than we ever could each other, and at every age.

This table will now see my children grow up, and us grow into middle age. After a period in the wilderness, it's back in the fold; reunited. And will stay with us now. Second generation, back in its rightful place.

The beating heart.

More and more, I find nostalgia becoming a huge part of my thoughts and therefore my writing. Is it seeing these children of mine growing up? Maybe. Incidentally, I've just filed my copy for Lionheart 4, the theme of which is Shapes. My piece is dripping with nostalgic memories and a touch of melancholia. Should be out in a month or so... 

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