Wednesday, 15 May 2013

A perfect morning

It doesn't happen often, does it? The kids are happy, no-one is crying/whinging/hungry/tired, and everyone is up for some fun. But this is what happened on Saturday morning.

I've written before (briefly) about T's speech delay, caused by a bad case of glue ear. We were on the list for grommets but a recent check-up showed T's hearing had improved enough for this intervention to be unnecessary now. The speech delay and other issues remain, however, and will for a while, I guess. T's nursery could not be more brilliant with him, and recently told us they'd spotted his interest in 'envelopment' - a play schema which manifests as an interest in hiding, covering, filling, burying, wrapping, enclosing, volume and capacity. So, to reinforce this interest, Saturday morning was spent at our pretend birthday party.

First, we made playdough cakes topped with real candles that were lit and blown out numerous times. Balloons were blown up and glow stick necklaces fashioned. We played hide-and-seek, musical statues, and pass-the-parcel (using a set of stacking sandwich boxes instead of wrapping paper). We made cards, ate Welsh cakes and drank chocolate milk from little bottles with straws. T loved it. And when my boy is happy, I'm happy.

If I were a better blogger, I'd have taken loads of beautiful photographs documenting this glorious morning. Instead, I chose to play (and you get a rather messy table pic!).
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