Monday, 8 April 2013

Project Simplify: A simple spring clean

Source: via Lottie on Pinterest

And so here it is - the first monthly Project Simplify. This month is all about a cull. Sorting wheat from chaff, pruning out old wood, and starting afresh. It's what spring is all about.

I have chosen to attack toy mountain. Over the Easter holidays, a friend of mine came over to the house. This friend lives a long way away and doesn't visit often, and I could see the look of horror on her face when she saw the boys' playroom, with its sea of plastic seeping like a tidal wave throughout the house. She told me she'd never seen so many toys.

Her innocent comment has shamed me into doing something about it. Although there are three years between my children and therefore their play needs are not the same, it can't be easy for them to play happily when faced with so much choice. This month I plan to go through every box and bin, chucking out any broken toys, taking those they've outgrown to the charity shop, and properly organising. I'm not sure I'll reach quite the levels of beauty and organisation achieved by Pink Ronnie, but I'm hoping for streamlined, easy organisation; a system, if you will. I love the regimented look of the image above, and that beautiful big apple print. Something to aim for.

If you'd like to play along and spend some time in April weeding out clutter, it'd be great to have you. You could start small. Perhaps you need to clear out your make up bag and rid yourself of old colours, broken brushes, or dried up polish? Do you have a cupboard overflowing with tupperware? Ditch the ones without lids, the broken boxes, or the ones you no longer use. Maybe you feel like attacking the junk drawer (please say you have one of these! Everyone does, surely?). Or go bigger - sort through your wardrobe, prune a bookshelf, clear out the laundry cupboard. It's up to you.

I'll be writing up my toy cull over the next week or so, and I'll include a link up button. If you feel like it, write about your spring clean, too - what/how you did, what you learned, how AMAZING it feels to de-clutter ;) - and join in so we can share tips and learn from each other's successes. Speaking of which, what are your toy organisation tips?

PS :: Here are a couple of PS badges if you fancy adding one to your blog - 250px or 170px. 
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