Friday, 1 March 2013

Project Simplify goes monthly

Last year, I started Project Simplify as a way to get to grips with our home and our lives. At times it felt as though we were losing our grasp on the 'stuff' that seemed to be taking over, and PS meant pausing, drawing a line in the sand, and assessing what was really necessary in our lives and what could go. So we took a week off work, tackled the entire house from the top down, and cleared, sorted, and organised what we could. It was a brilliant start.

I am definitely one of those personality types that enjoys project work - I love things with a defined start and finish, I like to tick things off and never re-visit them again. But life isn't like that, and neither is housekeeping. (Nor is parenting, for that matter.) So, how to keep motivated?

Project Simplify had such overwhelmingly positive feedback with so many people saying they'd like to do the same that I've decided to make it a new monthly blog series. Now that March is here and spring is most certainly springing, it feels like the right time to get going.

Project Simplify Monthly is a way to chip away at some of the bigger stuff, to tick something off the list, to start as we mean to go on, and to keep going. Every month I'll be posting a project designed to clear the decks, streamline life in some way, or just force our hand to get round to a job we've been putting off for much too long.

I have designed a couple of blog badges (250px and 170px) if you'd like to play along. I'll add a blog link up to each post so we can all track our progress throughout the month, be inspired by each other's good work, and motivate ourselves to just get something done.

Are you in?

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