Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Nature in the home

We're just home from a whirlwind few days away. First, we went to the launch of DinoZoo2 at Bristol Zoo - the return of the terrifyingly realistic, animatronic dinosaurs that proved such a hit last summer. It was an ace evening, rainy and dark, and we followed a theatrical, torch-lit tour of the new beasts with excitement and laughter.

The next morning we headed for Cambridge to a friend's birthday weekend. And then onto Legoland for a couple of freezing days of fun - more to come on both these adventures.

But while we were in Cambridge, I snapped this beautiful bowl of pine cones which had been collected by my friend's parents for years. Something of a departure from the freesias I posted last week (featured on Littlegreenshed today - thanks Lou!), these cones are a wintry addition to Nature in the Home. Far more appropriate to this snowy weather, although I'm yearning for Spring. Brrr...
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