Monday, 4 March 2013

Cooking under the clouds

Although not outdoorsy by nature, having two sons and a husband who are have made me try a bit harder with open-air fun. Recently, we headed up to the woods for some running around, a bit of mud-squelching, and a go on the best swing ever.

We took some bits and bobs to Leigh Woods for lunch, and also prepared a very simple but delicious hot snack, perfect for a spot of al fresco cooking.

Campsite Croque Monsieurs

You will need (per person):
2 slices of bread 
1 slice of ham
30g cheese, grated (something with flavour, such as gruyere or a nice sharp cheddar)

You will also need:
A campfire or camping gas stove
A small frying pan
A roll of tin foil

And here's what you do:
1. Toast the bread on both sides (over the fire if you're using a gas stove, toast in the pan or bring along pre-toasted bread).
2. Assemble your sandwich with the cheese and ham tucked in neatly, and give it a good press down to keep things together.
3. Carefully lower your sandwich into the frying pan, and warm through until the cheese begins to melt. 
4. Flip it over when one side is nicely toasted and melty. Be careful not to burn your croque.
5. If the bread is getting too brown before the cheese begins to melt, wrap your sandwich in tin foil and start again, or keep it near enough to the heat of the campfire to get that cheese melting.

Alongside our croque monsieurs, we got through a very large flask of hot chocolate, a few bags of crisps, and plenty of fruit. 

Quick, easy and wholesome. Just what you need after all that bear-hunting.

*This is a sponsored post.

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