Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Something in the air

Freesias, ranunculus, and a pair of 1930s Wedgwood vases: arranged in readiness for dinner with friends on Saturday night; photographed as part of Lou's inspiring Nature in the Home series.

There is something in the air. My little T has been waking at an ungodly hour - 5.30am all this week. We are well-versed in the ways of the early riser, thanks to 18 months' practise with A, but I naively thought those days were behind us. Perhaps it's a blip. I hope so. It's only Wednesday and I'm broken!

A bit of nature (outside the home, this time) always helps when one needs geeing up. I'm off out into the garden with a new pair of secateurs, ready to tackle the rose-pruning, window box-planting, and long overdue tidying. With it should come some peace. Do you find gardening meditative?

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