Saturday, 9 February 2013

True Romance

Last night my beau took me out on a surprise date. He wouldn't tell me much - we had to be there on time, I had to eat beforehand, we'd definitely be back by 10.30 for the babysitter - so I deduced we were watching a film. Even when we bought the tickets, I didn't know what was coming. It was only when the film's programmer came to the front dressed in a Hawaiian shirt and Elvis sunnies that I guessed correctly - True Romance.

We watched this film, the story of Clarence and Alabama, endlessly when we were teenagers and we knew every word. I think we were a little obsessed, even to the point of dressing like the characters - me in my ponyskin mini-skirt, carrying a little blue patent suitcase, him in a blue hoodie, shirt and those specs. Some of the dialogue has been incorporated into our own, a fact I'd forgotten until watching the film again last night.

It's at least ten years since we last saw it, and so I watched this time with fresh eyes. I was struck by how violent it is, by Patricia Arquette's beauty, how strong and idiosyncratic is Tarantino's voice, what an incredible cast feature (Dennis Hopper is exceptionally good, Christopher Walken never more terrifying, Gary Oldman grotesquely genius), and how I never did have a son called Elvis.

In one short evening I journeyed back in time, recalling days of freedom and youth, love and romance, fun and inappropriate clothing. (I think I might have to buy myself a leopard-print coat.) I enjoyed it so much, and the fact it was a total surprise just added to the romance.

Thank you BV. You're so cool <3
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