Wednesday, 27 February 2013


Growing up, I was never a particularly attractive child. Puppy fat and a succession of bad haircuts didn't help matters. But I always had good skin. Lucky enough not to be afflicted with teenage acne, I took my skin for granted. 

Now that I'm knocking on a bit (my most recent birthday was described as 40 with a 10% discount, thanks dad!), I can see lines and wrinkles, dry patches - things that just weren't there before. I went into a bit of a spin about it last year, and randomly bought all manner of anti-ageing, Q10, radiant whatnot serums and lotions, mainly because they were on offer, and looked scientific enough, and because I was panicking. 

Fast forward to a few weeks ago. One of my Christmas presents was a voucher for a Dr Hauschka facial treatment. I'd used the Dr Hauschka range a bit before having kids, but not recently, and when asked what I'd like for Christmas I knew I needed some kind of relaxation, please.

Grace Emmerson offers the official treatments from her beautiful home in Bristol. Part of the session involved explaining my usual skincare regime, and it was while revealing this to Grace that I realised quite how ridiculous things had become. I feel a little ashamed just writing this, but I tell you what I told Grace about how I never take off my make-up at night (despite wearing black liquid eyeliner every day), each morning I scrub my face with whatever soap happens to be in the shower (Pears or something else cheap), and then apply the richest moisturiser I can find (often a night cream - my face must be very confused, jet-lagged even).

Grace did an excellent job of not looking too horrified, and began to talk me through the Dr Hauschka way, explaining what all that scrubbing was doing to my skin cells. The treatment itself was amazing - completely relaxing and very restorative - but it was her advice that's really changed things for me.

My new 'prescription' lets me off the night time make-up removal (hooray!), but sees the introduction of a Cleansing Milk applied in the shower using the Dr H 'press and roll' technique. This is followed by a spritz of Facial Toner (which is really zingy and fresh), then application of Rose Day Cream. I love all things floral, especially rose, so this cream really did it for me. Since I've started using these products regularly, I've seen such an improvement in the tone of my skin. It looks, well, younger. Or, more accurately, how I remember my skin looked before. I now look in the mirror and see something more akin to the face I imagine.

The potions are not cheap, and I bought mine using John Lewis vouchers saved up from two Christmases. But I think it's a worthwhile investment, particularly after meeting Grace and seeing how radiant she looks.

What products do you use? How do you feel about the 'science'-y anti-ageing products out there? Would you go chemical-free?

*this is not a sponsored post, although clearly anyone who'd like to gift me Dr Hauschka products would be most welcome. 
I have included affiliate links, however, which means I earn a tiny commission from any purchases made through the John Lewis links above.
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