Saturday, 16 February 2013

In like a lion, out like a lamb: the Toast March collection

Source: via Lottie on Pinterest

At the risk of sounding a total bore, the new Toast March collection iconis quite something. I do have a tendency to love most things they produce but never have I added so many items to my wish-list as I've done this season.

I have a couple of Toast dresses already, usually picked up cheap in the sale, and the fit is just right for my tediously waistless figure. That Hatch iconnumber at the top has to come home with me. Curiously, a lot of the items that caught my eye are blue. My mother always said it was a colour that suited my complexion. At 36, I fear I may have to concede, finally, that she is right. (Although it will never suit my political leanings.)

Have you had a look at the collection? What's floating your boat?

{Apols for the quietness of my blog this week, we've been in quarantine hell. First day out in real life today and I drank in the freedom and fresh air. Normal service to resume shortly!}

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