Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Musical youth

Me and my pa, long ago
{that hair!}
I have spent much of the past two weeks humming 'What makes you beautiful' by One Direction, after buying a pop party CD for A.
I was in two minds about supplying him with a whole hour of terrible music - it's inevitable that I would end up with those pop sounds rattling around my brain indefinitely.

But twice now he's been to the school disco and twice it's crossed my mind whether he even recognises any of the music they play. At home we listen to motown, reggae, rock and roll, 90s guitar music, bluegrass, country, punk, 60s pop. But not current pop. And it made me feel bad for him, not knowing the same songs as the rest of his friends, his school, his generation. 

My brother and I were talking about the songs we remember as a child and, although we had our fair share of Now albums, it's the music our parents played that sticks most vividly in our minds. I do love a mix-tape playlist, and so I've made one in honour of those nostalgic tunes that conjure up childhood journeys, summer holidays, hours and hours rattling around in the back seat of a blue Volvo 740. It's one for those of us born in the 1970s - a collection of (probably quite terrible) songs from the mid-eighties or thereabouts. 


And while I'm on a nostalgic musical trip down memory lane, here's something from a little later...
About ten years ago some of our friends were in a band and asked Ben and I to be part of one of their videos. Can you spot us?

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