Monday, 7 January 2013

Let the light in

Back to work, back to school, decorations down (actually, mine aren't - is something bad going to happen to me?!). Cutting down on wine. Eating nuts and seeds. January doesn't sound too fun, does it? Been thinking today about the things I might do to make January less gloomy and let a bit of light and fun back in - here are my suggestions. 

:: The house is already full of spring flowers - hyacinths, daffodils, tulips - which will continue to be a necessary purchase until the first of the bulbs emerge. 

:: Bet now is peak time to book holidays. Been thinking about what we might do this year... I'd love to go to Italy with the kids. 

:: Early nights watching the new series of Borgen, or tucked up in bed with a cuppa and a good book. I was lucky this Christmas, and got this one and that one (I love reading cookbooks almost as much as I love cooking from them).

:: A facial. Never had one before. But my skin could do with a detox of its own.

:: Thinking of healthy but delicious food ideas. It's not easy but it's possible. For breakfasts I'm going with this granola, or perhaps a grilled grapefruit. I'm going to snack on crudites with home-made houmous and tapenade, or slices of naval oranges sprinkled with orange flower water.

:: Perhaps a chilly night swim under the stars at my favourite place, the Lido. Or a cinema trip with my dearly beloved.

:: Imagining I've won the Lottery and perusing the Modern House listings. Multi-million architect-designed pad in Highgate, anyone?

How do you get through this dark month?

{Photograph taken last night at the Holburne Museum in Bath, at the last couple of days of Circuit: A Light Labyrinth}

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