Tuesday, 4 December 2012

▲ The Tree ▲

I had it all planned. We'd hop in the car, first thing, and head to the Christmas tree farm. The kids would run and frolic in the field, we'd find the perfect tall, green tree. Ben would chop it down. I'd take beautiful photographs. It'd be a memory to treasure, the beginning of a new Christmas tradition.

Best laid plans, and all that... What actually happened was we set off late, rushing and unprepared. Hurriedly arrived just as the kids were getting hungry. I'd left my camera behind. Small people whinged. Actually, big people did too. We couldn't find 'our' tree. Words were exchanged. Eventually we found ourselves at the pre-cut tree section, holding up trees for inspection - 'too big', 'too small', 'too spindly', 'too pale'. I discovered an inner fussiness I'd never before known. A tree was impulse-purchased, some mistletoe too. I now have tree anxiety - is it the right tree? Who cares. Said tree is now in the garden, still in its stocking. It won't go up until the weekend.

But I did manage to take these snaps with my phone, which I consider to be a silver lining. They aren't the joyous, fun pictures I'd planned. They are bleak, simple, ever so slightly Dansk. I like them very much.
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