Sunday, 2 December 2012


I love December. All that complaining I did about autumn? Not the case with this season.

The excitement in the air combined with the chilly weather. The countdown to Christmas (which begins only after my birthday - tomorrow!). The decorations. The lights. The parties. The food. The drinks (I love mulled wine, all those delicious spices). The traditions. The tree.

It's a cliche but I really do understand the point of Christmas so much more now I can see it through the eyes of my kids. They could not be more excited. And I love being able to provide exciting experience that will become lasting memories - ice skating, hot chocolate, tree-buying (not so much the decorating - that's my favourite bit), new pyjamas on Christmas Eve, panto, films, spending time with family, stockings, gingerbread houses. All that stuff is what it's all about. 

What do you love about December? Any scrooges out there?

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