Thursday, 29 November 2012

Project Simplify: Declutter diary – days 3 & 4

After a strong start to the week, things inevitably slowed down. Wednesday was marred by the addition of a builder and a toddler – each tricky to deal with but together a bit of a nightmare. And so we did what we could, taking it in turns to finish of bits and bobs here and there in the kids’ bedrooms. Tiny vests and long johns have been arranged. But it was not very satisfying, if I’m honest.

Thursday was a little better – I tackled the bathroom and chucked out all those little sample size bottles of shampoo and body lotion I’ve been incessantly collecting over the years. I know! Ridiculous. I found new storage for the kids’ bath toys, the hot water bottles, the piles of magazines. I stripped the window sills of clutter, moved the plants around, pottered a lot. So then the upstairs was DONE. Finished. Amazing.

I say finished, but I mean that I now know everything we have upstairs and where it’s located. What isn’t finished is the enormous pile of stuff we’ve yet to eBay, or the photographs yet to catalogue, or the art waiting to go to the framers, or a few shelves and hooks that need to be hung on walls.

Nearly there…
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