Friday, 23 November 2012

Project Simplify: Day 2

After a great start, day 2 was always going to be tougher. There were a few bits and pieces left to sort from the attic, and it was time to start on the kids' rooms.

I've been in a quandary for months now, wondering what is the best configuration for the four members of our family and the three bedrooms we have. Do we put the boys in together? How does that work? Sleep hasn't quite settled into a routine yet - would sharing a room make things worse? This dithering meant we put off any decision-making so both boys' rooms were scruffy, untidy, and full of unsuitable furniture.

Most of day 2 was spent in IKEA. We knew we had to find a chest of drawers for A's room and had thought we'd get one of those dinky ones from the kid's department. But in the end, we moseyed about in Bargain Corner and found a much better option - a low, wide chest with 6 drawers, 30% off, and ready-made. Cheap and no self-assembly! That called for a high five.

It's boring but a fact - decent storage is key. Once we sorted that chest of drawers, everything else slotted into place. The only thing missing was a cupboard of some description - again, more dithering - but later in the week we decided to reuse an existing wardrobe.

The other big thing was to get shot of all the baby stuff. A painful process, but I know in my heart there are no more babies in my future. Luckily I have a few pregnant friends so those things will find new homes. Sigh... Hard.

End of day 2 - two respectably organised kids' rooms. Onward.
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