Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Project Simplify: Day 1

Day 1 is done. We started at the top of the house - the attic room, which is both our bedroom and storage for Modern Room. It was scary. Running along both sides of the attic are 4 sets of double doors, giant cupboards into which we dumped all manner of junk when we moved in, back in 2006. It has barely been touched since then.

We systematically took everything out, went through every single item and placed in different piles: dump, charity shop, give away/back to friends, keep.

Wow, we found some rubbish in there. The car is full of bags to go to the tip, plus there are another four bags to go to the charity shop and one bag of baby things to pass on to a friend. What do people do with old videos and cassette tapes? I know I said I had analogue nostalgia but that has been well and truly cured with the boxes and boxes of tapes we discovered. Photographs, too - not rubbish, but vast, vast, overwhelming quantities of old snaps. That'll have to be a job for another day (or week).

And we unearthed a few gems too - a View-Master with a set of slides featuring Charles and Ray Eames, a box of old cameras, a drum kit (the boys and I have differing views on this one), hand-made presents my boy made for me when we were teens, a newspaper cutting from 1997 (I was photographed for the Style pages of the Independent at Glastonbury - imagine it!), a hand-written recipe from my grandmother for her Christmas cake (just in time), and a set of truly beautiful black and white photographs Mr O&P took as a student.

Then, we cleaned the room from top to bottom, hoovering out the cupboards and cleaning the surfaces. And put what was left back: two memory boxes, Christmas decorations, suitcases, diving gear, and camping equipment (I have a well-documented hatred of camping, so heaven knows why we have so much navy blue nylon), photographs. That's it.

Finally, we moved the furniture around - the desk now sits under the skylight, the clothes rails by the staircase, two antique chests of drawers either side of the bed. It's not finished finished - it needs a coat of paint, new blinds, a rug, pictures and lighting sorted. But it's a major improvement.

Onto day 2....
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