Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Wild in the woods

My very talented sister-in-law planned the best party for my nephew's 6th birthday. On Sunday morning, when the sun shone and the air was crisp, we headed out to Tyntesfield for a den-building extravaganza.

About 15 boys trekked into the woods with their parents, the excitement almost visible, like the rays of sun coming through the tree canopies. We reached a shady glen and set up camp. First of all, the boys played a game of 'Bat and Moth' - both blindfolded, the bat and the moth held shakers and the bat had to find the moth just by listening. Then, the gang split into groups to make dens - a mammoth task as there was so much scope for building different structures using branches, leaves and moss. Lunch followed, along with birthday cake, and the final game was to make faces on trees using a flour and water mixture. These tree spirits were really quite terrifying, and I pity whoever stumbles across them unawares...

As usual, I was chronically under-dressed for such a brisk day - despite the sun shining, we were under the shade of the trees and it was really quite chilly. Again, it made me remember my plans for a cold weather kit to take with us everywhere (hand-warmers, glow sticks, and a flask of tea).

A few months back I took an e-course with Capturing Childhood, designed to demystify the manual settings on digital cameras. I'm so pleased I did the course and think I've learned such a lot - these photos almost all came out as I wanted them to, which never happens! View the full set here.

Oh, and one more thing - if you're near Bristol this Saturday, drop in and see my sister-in-law who has a stall selling her beautiful crafts at Windmill Hill Craft Market.
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