Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Scones for Jane

A few weeks back the grande dame of bloggers, Jane Brocket, came to speak to Malago WI for the second time. Jane is a force to be reckoned with, crafting beautiful quilts, knitting up a storm, baking vintage cakes, writing books, and documenting it all on her blog, Yarnstorm.

I always find it intriguing to discover what a person is like 'in real life' (as A would say) when I've read their disembodied words for so long. Jane is an absolute delight. She has a direct manner, a straightforwardness that is refreshing in the world of 'lifestyle' which has the potential to be wishy-washy or twee. Plus her disregard of the 'rules' of the various crafts she enjoys is empowering - if Jane doesn't want to bother with something then she finds an alternative way round, and sees no reason to feel inferior with the result (which is anything but).

But what to bake the author of Vintage Cakes? I opted for scones with a twist. Using my go-to recipe (Nigella's recipe for Lily's Scones), I topped them with traditional clotted cream and jam, but to the jam (strawberry, high fruit/low sugar) I added a tablespoon or two of rosewater. I also intended to top with petals from the last of this year's roses but was too late, alas.

For more (better) pics of the night, have a look at Malago WI's Flickr and Alice's vastly superior photographs.
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