Friday, 12 October 2012


This week has been a toughie. Not sure why, but I've felt a gloom descend. It's the feeling I get when I think of Sunday nights, a loneliness imagined, a big city isolation. Sometimes it's conjured up by listening to the shipping forecast (although that can evoke happiness too - it's 50/50). Back to school feeling, definitely. Tired, post-party come-down. Wistful wondering, nostalgic musing.
All a bit self-indulgent, really.

Yesterday morning, a detour to pick up some artwork on the way in helped a lot. It meant a different route to work, meeting a very talented artist, stumbling across shiny, mahogany conkers in the street, and a watery commute across the river. Sometimes breaking with routine is all that's required.

The other thing that shakes me from my introspection is music. Yesterday's fug was swept away with the help of the Smiths, Hole, Elvis Presley, Clock Opera, and Jenny Lewis. I love rock and roll.
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