Monday, 20 August 2012

Snapshot: A sublimely ridiculous weekend

Golly. Monday and I'm completely exhausted. Aren't weekends supposed to be a chance to recharge batteries? Not these days.

An ongoing quest to find antique doors led us to a reclamation yard on Saturday, the last place on earth you'd want to take a whirlwind two-year-old. A was desperate to buy a beautiful old rowing boat, saying it reminded him of 'Lost & Found' by Oliver Jeffers, one of our very favourite stories. Instead, we found what we've been looking for - lovely old doors to be fitted between the living room and what used to be the dining room, now destined to become a playroom/den for the boys. As a child I could never understand why some of my friends' parents had grown-up rooms, sometimes locked, that we were never allowed to enter. Seemed really mean. Now I get it, and long for a space free of toys, plastic, toast crumbs and orange peel, a space that is guaranteed to calm and relax after the small people are in bed. Most of all, a space where my beloved sofa will remain clean, comfy, and free of spills. Not long now...

From there we went on to IKEA (from the sublime to the ridiculous indeed) which involved bumping the buggy down all those steps. Our mission was to buy a desk, a new sheepskin, and a few other bits and bobs. I also fell in love with a Hirst-esque bed linen set and a kitchen trolley. We ended up there for hours which meant ice creams and lunch were also in order, and I was so proud of A who spotted Smaland (the free IKEA creche) and asked to go in. I explained that we couldn't go with him, and Ted was too young, so he'd have to go it alone. Nevertheless, he wanted in and had a brilliant time.

Saturday night we cooked for friends, had one of those lovely evenings you never want to end. Ottolenghi is a total genius - the trademark broccoli recipe is truly good, and the roast chicken with saffron, honey and nuts is a work of alchemy. But we drank far too much, stayed up too late, and paid the price on Sunday morning.

The best part of our weekend was Sunday afternoon, when we headed into the woods for a party to celebrate one of our friends turning 3. The kids made crowns from leaves and other forest findings, ran wild, hunted wolves, flew foam gliders, skipped, played, while the grown ups barbecued sausages for a hot-dogs-and-cake supper, drank beer and chatted.

Magic happened that day. It was one of those moments in time to be remembered forever. More beautiful photographs (by Alice Hendy) here - like something from a dream.
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