Thursday, 2 August 2012


We're home after a brilliant, exhausting, sometimes difficult week together as a family in the south of France. Five hours of travelling with a just-turned-2-year-old is no fun, but there were many happy moments which I'll write about in the coming days.

There's something so nostalgia-inducing about coming home - British road signs, the slightly unfamiliar smell of your home when you arrive back after a long time away, all your bits and pieces just where you left them. A certain five-year-old was desperate to get home to his birthday presents, especially Wiggly Worm World which we built this afternoon. We admired our new lawn, laid for us by my amazing brother, mum, and mother in law while we holidayed. We cleaned up our new (old) French purchases - lovely antique ceramic serving dishes bought from a vide grenier for 6€, and a red metal ampersand. We ate curry on the sofa.

I'd be happier being home if the weather was a bit (a lot) less rainy and a bit more sunny, although this evening's Kodachrome double rainbow was something of a consolation. I'll be happier still when my head hits the pillow of my very own bed. Bonne nuit.
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