Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Too old

Cocktails at Harvey Nicks by oysterpots

This weekend was a blast. Busy and drunken, but the best fun.
Friday night was spent at the launch of my favourite exhibition of the year so far, Unnatural-Natural History. Many of the artists were there, and were the loveliest, most interesting, talented people you could hope to meet, as are the curators Coates & Scarry. I love it when everything is beautiful and brilliant as it was that night, and remains, and will be until the show comes down on 23 September.

Saturday night was also a late, alcohol-fuelled one, with a birthday party for my friend Karen. We drank cocktails at Harvey Nicks before heading to Cosie's, a Bristol institution I haven't set foot inside for many, many years. It hasn't changed at all, and we had a smashing time drinking, laughing, chatting and dancing. Dancing!

These days my dancing partners are knee-high and so my current boogie style involves a slight crouch and hand-holding - I must've looked a proper fool dancing with an imaginary kid that night but I didn't care. It felt liberating and joyous, dancing at 3am without a care in the world, in a short skirt and bright red lipstick.

Sunday morning was a different story though. I'm still recovering - I'm too old for two late nights on the trot. But it was definitely worth it.


In other news, I'm a student on Manual Overdrive 2012 - a course run by Capturing Childhood (hence that button over there <---). Can't wait, as I have been trying (and failing) to learn how to use my DSLR properly for years. Will I crack it this time, finally? Hope so.
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