Monday, 23 July 2012

Snapshot: A sunny, celebratory weekend

We did it! The party was a roaring success and we came out the other side, relatively sane and unscathed. As a reminder for next year, or for anyone looking for kids' birthday shortcuts, here's what worked:
:: The sun shone. Always makes everything seem infinitely better, doesn't it?
:: A good venue - we managed to find a place with a large main room, a garden, and a curtained off section at the end.
:: A bar for the grown ups - hic - plus we supplied a good spread of bread, cheese, cold meats.
:: The section at the end had seating and a projection screen. After an hour or so of games, we showed Ice Age 3 and the kids were mesmerised.
:: We made up 47 (!) picnic boxes in advance, using those cardboard takeaway containers. Each had a sandwich, a bag of crisps, and a fairy cake. Despite a last-minute fear they'd all go hungry, this was plenty of food for small people who were busy watching the film and ate every crumb.
:: Film and food is a winning combination - handing out the boxes made us feel like BA cabin crew. From now on, I shall look to them for all tips concerning crowd control in confined spaces.
:: Any old cake is a masterpiece when iced generously and luridly, and topped with 100s and 1000s and a few favourite toys.

An hour and a half later and it was all done and dusted. Our not-quite-5-year-olds were thrilled with it all - phew. Still have the ACTUAL birthday to do later in the week, but the stressy part is over.

Other noteworthy, weekend-y type things included snapping some beautiful skies, cirrus clouds and a turquoise dusk; taking delivery of my awesome new lens, inspired by Manual Overdrive, the photography course I'm on at the moment (and loving every minute, it's completely changed my thinking already); a school holiday cinema trip; iced coffee and gardening; plus homemade pizza, pea shoot salad, and bitter shandy (extra special as I grew the pea shoots so they were super-fresh).
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