Monday, 2 July 2012

Snapshot: An impromptu weekend

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When we woke on Saturday, there was no plan. A vague thought that we might go strawberry picking, but the rain soon put paid to that idea. Instead we ended up doing one of those impromptu 'let's move stuff around' affairs. After the art trail there were still a few bits and bobs which had been moved out of the way but never quite made their way back, and I'd shifted a sofa to provide extra seating for book group last week, so the slate was clean and ready for a new arrangement.

The resulting layout has a reading nook in the window just waiting for Ted to sign 'book' and leap up for story after story. We brought down a little kid-size table and chairs which now sit under the blackboard and next to the play kitchen - perfect for play dough, drawing and sticking. And a new/old rug allows for a slightly softer surface underfoot.

Oyster & Pearl blog - food | family | home | life

And later, a third birthday party for Madeleine - no need to think too hard about what cakes to bake (I loved Dan Lepard's instruction for how to make the 'sensuous nipple' on top). Sunday's cooking involved classic jam tarts, and an improvisation when no local shops had a free range bird left for roasting. Instead, we marinated chicken breasts in olive oil, white wine, lemon juice, oregano and fresh mint, then chargrilled. To accompany the chicken, we ate new potatoes, and a wonderful Ursula Ferrigno recipe for green beans in a garlic sauce.

As seems to come hand-in-hand with heavy rain came arguments, cabin fever and raised voices, but the sun shone on Sunday afternoon and we raced into the garden to enjoy some rays, potted a few plants and managed to get one load of laundry dry. Thank goodness, as this rain is forecast for EVER. Will it ever end?

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