Saturday, 9 June 2012

Photo a day: My view today (and every other day)

Sometimes I get so tired of making food for small people. I know, I know, I should be feeding them what we eat, and that can be the case (mainly at weekends) but often the timings just don't stack up. My kids get hungry for lunch around 11.30am, and peckish for their tea at 4.30pm - these times are just not conducive to adult needs. And if I began making a meal for all of us to share it would eat into the time we have together pre/post afternoon naps. So many meals and sleeps to think about!

Enough of the excuses though. Today's photo a day subject is 'Your view today', and it struck me that I am often looking down at a colourful plastic plate piled high with food waiting to be devoured.

At the moment I'm reading one of those 'French kids are so much better than yours' books, and one of the very specific differences noted by the author is that French meals are similar quantities to ours, but that they come in the form of multiple, smaller, courses. This has the effect of keeping a child's interest and not intimidating them with piles of grub. Often they will begin with a vegetable course at the top - exactly when children are at their hungriest. Clever.

So I'm conducting a minor experiment along these lines to see whether my two will eat in a more hearty fashion. A typical meal might consist of a starter of crudites, veg, nibbly bits; a main course (smaller portion than you might normally provide); a cheese course, biscuits, sliced apple; and a decent pudding with fruit. I think it might be working...

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