Thursday, 21 June 2012

Notes on a solo expedition

Top: Emergency solo parenting kit; my dinner date; a watery commute
Middle: Souvenir snaps from Edinburgh
Bottom: Sleeping in the middle of the bed; welcome home!; a celebratory toast 

My husband is home from half a week away in Edinburgh, and I survived solo parenting. In fact, I feel triumphant as it was all pretty plain sailing (despite my horrible fears that it would all go to pot).

I loved the useful comments left on my last post about this, and here I pass on what I learned for anyone else going it alone, albeit temporarily.
:: I did a big supermarket shop in advance but didn't end up planning any meals - we seemed to manage ok :)
:: Sunday night was a high point - bags were packed, clothes laid out, packed lunch made and in the fridge, and I even laid the table for breakfast. This was managed once, but never again
:: Arthur and I went for dinner at Pizza Express together - a rare chance to chat and enjoy each other's  company, uninterrupted
:: Evenings alone can be really rather enjoyable, although they do not go on forever and I am not very good at making myself go to bed
:: Solo parenting works best on days when one is at work - then, the pressure points are just mornings and evenings, which can be (mostly) mollified with a bit of foresight and planning
:: ... except when the nursery calls with a suspected case of chicken pox - that's quite a large spanner (although not an accurate one in this case. Phew)
:: The last half day is the hardest, that last bath and bedtime - intolerable. Waiting, waiting, anticipating his return (all three of us).

I'm putting together another summer compilation, and there's a beautiful song on there by Lucinda Williams that kind of touched a nerve this week - it's about testing your relationship by putting a bit of distance between you in order to appreciate what it is that makes you work as a couple. Although we met aged 17 (that's eighteen years ago), I'd like to think we don't take each other for granted.

I've missed you BV - welcome home, my love ♥
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