Sunday, 10 June 2012

Crafternoons: Over-the-top cake decorating

Often, the idea of baking cakes with kids is a lot more satisfying than the reality. Many a time I've fantasised about rosy-cheeked kids enthusiastically stirring and sifting, wearing cute Cath Kidston aprons and being genuinely helpful. In practice, it's a job to keep ingredients in bowls, hands away from hot ovens, and the mixture gets EVERYWHERE.

This time, I decided to bake a tray of basic fairy cakes myself while the kids were with their dad at the park, leaving just the most fun part to the bairns - icing and decorating. We used a chocolate icing with every single pot of sprinkles and glitter I own, and the results were fairly spectacular. Completely over-the-top and gaudy - just how kids like it.

Unfortunately, someone could not resist meddling with the black glitter, resulting in an impromptu midday bath. He cried black, sparkly tears for days after this.

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