Monday, 21 May 2012

Snapshot: Birthday food extravaganza

Wow, a week can feel like a really long time! Have been up to my eyeballs in art stuff, which I'll write about soon.

Meanwhile, here's a day of foodie birthday celebrations. Last Thursday was Ben's birthday, and we both had the day off work and the kids were at school/nursery. Some much-needed adult time, marred only by the night from hell we had with Ted and the resulting eye bags and tetchiness that comes with being totally tired.

So we hopped in the car and drove away, into the countryside and to our favourite restaurant, The Ethicurean, housed in the most beautiful walled garden with spectacular views of the Somerset hills.

I ate beetroot carpaccio with honeyed walnuts, which was simple but utterly delicious. Dressed with just oil and salt, the two varieties of thinly sliced beetroot were clean and crunchy and surprisingly filling. Ben's Welsh rarebit (with gurt salad) was just as tasty but somewhat heartier where mine was dainty. Both were washed down with a Fentiman's cola.

We then shared a St George mushroom pearl barley dish, similar to a risotto, topped with essence of mushroom (not pictured). And dessert was a warm apple cake with cinnamon cream. Glorious. If that wasn't enough, I finished off my meal with a Spanish hot chocolate, the thick kind that you eat rather than drink - spoon essential.

The school run beckoned, and we hastily harvested some cow parsley from a nearby field for dressing the art trail cafe, before heading back to the city.

Arthur had been planning his dad's birthday tea for some days, and we dutifully purchased the items on his list. The food was traditional party grub - pizza, crisps, biscuits, cake - and we played balloon games and danced in the kitchen like idiots. From the sublime to the ridiculous, alright...
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