Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Snapshot: Bank holiday weekend

Bank holiday weekend. Clearly it tipped it down - that's a given, surely. But we managed to have some fun. Here's what we got up to...

:: Bought a print from the opening night at the Spike Island Open. It's for Ted, reminded me of him (we sometimes call him Bear)
:: Made balloon animals. They are trickier than they look.
:: Ted tried edamame for the first time at Wagamama - he loved them. Wagamama is one of my favourite places to go with the kids as they're so friendly, the food is fast and it's just so easy. I think it's the best of the chain options. What's your favourite?
::Arthur insisted on buying a fresh coconut, which we cracked with a hammer and screwdriver. A's twirly straw came in handy, but the verdict was a resounding thumbs down for coconut water.
:: Spotted a real DeLorean! It was not travelling at 88mph.
:: Baked two cakes - a yoghurt and berry loaf, which the boys baked on Monday, and Nigella's malteser cake which we made as a birthday cake for my brother.
:: Played hide and seek in the park, and came across some very old hearts cut into a tree trunk.
:: And watched our Maurice Sendak DVD.

So very sad to hear about his death today. I love how dark his work is, how he wasn't afraid to challenge kids. His books mean such a lot - he changed everything.
Who else could've inspired a family to ride the subway dressed like this?

Found via BuzzFeed
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