Sunday, 15 April 2012

Trains, boats and racing cars - a fast-paced weekend

This weekend we:
:: Made a mega Brio track
:: Saw a dear friend and her adorable baby for the first time in months
:: Took part in a treasure hunt designed by a four-year-old
:: Made washi tape tracks for Kinder Surprise cars while waiting for our supper
:: Met neighbours for early evening drinks in our local
:: Agreed to disagree over A Visit From The Goon Squad at book group
:: Made granola
:: Whizzed into Mshed to see The Pirates! ship
:: Caught up with my dear old dad over lunch
:: Rounded off the weekend/Easter hols with an exhausting hour at the funfair on the Downs, where the boys went on their first ever rollercoaster and absolutely loved it.

I'm absolutely pooped, and feel I've earned my Thali tiffin.
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