Tuesday, 7 February 2012

I took a Lido lunch break today...

I took a lunch break today, went to my favourite cafe and ate/read orange things. by oysterpots
...and went to my favourite cafe and ate/read orange things.

It's too easy to wolf down a sandwich at my desk, and this is what normally happens, but it's a much better idea to go out, eat something delicious in different surroundings.

Splash @lidobristol by oysterpots
The Lido couldn't provide lovelier surroundings - the slow splash of a swimmer ploughing up and down, the hum of sun-drenched, happy customers. And only five minutes from my office.

I ate a wedge of tortilla, with a feta and pumpkin salad. I drank an almond presse - when I first heard about this drink I couldn't quite imagine how it would taste. Turns out it's sharp but sweet, light but somehow substantial. Delicious.
Oh, and the book is for an upcoming exhibition - should be a good 'un.
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