Friday, 20 April 2012

I like big books and I cannot lie

It's true. All kinds of books, but especially great big coffee table books, cookery books, design books, and many types of fiction. Books hold the answer to every problem: no matter what the issue, the solution is just a quick Amazon click away, and that all-too-easy 'add to basket' button has created a major storage situation in our house.

Is print really dead? Or dying? I hope not. Although I admit to being a very good customer of Amazon, it makes me sad to think bookshops may well go the way of record shops. This film is about a Manhattan bookseller who has relocated his store to his apartment, kind of like a pop-up shop or secret restaurant. I'd love to pay him a visit - bet it's amazing in there.

Doesn't it look wonderful? If a little smoky.

And Penguin have produced this beautiful animation which looks at the nuances of language, something I think about often when reading translated fiction such as Haruki Murakami.


I suspect I will be lugging my heavy books around for some time yet, while iPad/Kindle users carry their entire library in a lightweight handbag.

Perhaps I should invest in this bag by Pamela Rudgate Designs - available from her Etsy shop.

Oh, and I have been asked to write a guest review for What Sarah Reads, so I will share the link for that one when the time is right.
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