Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Grow your own sun

This endless rain has left us with no alternative. We're growing our own sun.

Arthur brought home a sunflower kit from school - it's a PTA fundraiser, the idea being we all grow our plants over the next couple of months before taking them into school in July to find out who has grown the biggest sunflower.

He carefully positioned the seeds in the earth, pushing them down before watering his plants and admiring his handiwork. We then named the plants, thinking of our favourite yellow things. Contenders were 'banana' and 'mellow yellow', before Arthur settled on Lemon and Dragon.

Will they grow true to form, taking on the traits suggested by their names? And will we win the coveted Biggest Sunflower prize in the summer? Place your bets now... My money's on Dragon.

I received a lovely compliment about my pictures the other day. In case you wondered, I take most of my photos on my iPhone, and use Instagram (my favourite waste of time) to edit them - find me there, I'm Oysterpots.
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