Monday, 30 January 2012

A weekend in Cambridge

Peck. by oysterpots

A long awaited weekend with our friends, Joe and Kate, their kids and the chickens.

In awe by oysterpots

T was in awe of the big kids, very sweet to see.

The wasted years so close behind. by oysterpots

I love this picture of him with Ben, taken early on Sunday morning. Feels like a moment captured.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

A-Wassailing we go

Last night we wassailed for the first time, at Barley Wood Walled Garden, home of one of my favourite restaurants - The Ethicurean.
Wassailing involves various pagan rituals designed to wake up the trees for the forthcoming season. We hung out, drank cider, ate delicious apple cake and sausage rolls, the kids had their faces painted, we listened to an amazing array of songs from Pip's Jukebox, and as the sun set we headed for the orchard, guided by firetorch-wielding circus performers. It was a fun, if chilly, way to spend a January afternoon. I do love an ancient ritual, and need no excuse to eat cake and drink cider.

Monday, 9 January 2012

Field of Light

  by oysterpots

We went to Bath to see the Field of Light installation by Bruce Munro, at the Holburne Museum. Typically, we left it til the last minute, and went on the final day of the show.

  by oysterpots

Here's what it's all about, according to the blurb:
Bruce Munro’s famous Field of Light is an ethereal and uplifting experience to lighten the darkest time of year. 1000s of tiny fibre optic lights will spread out from the Museum’s new extension, their reflections twinkling in the glass, and out into the back garden. In the grounds they form pools of light which shimmer and change colour to provide a spectacle of sheer magic. Bath’s very own answer to the Northern Lights.

  by oysterpots

We all thought it was ace. I love those pieces which are on such a large scale they take your breath away. Something of the Antony Gormley 'Field for the British Isles' about it (which, incidentally, will be shown in Somerset later this year).
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