Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Toddler-friendly Christmas Decorations

Toddlers are really not compatible with breakable Christmas decorations, and baby T is no exception. Quite the reverse, in fact - there's a reason we call him Tedzilla. So this year I'd been contemplating alternatives to a big tree in the living room, but when it came to it I could go through with a small tree on a table or a fake one.

So instead, we went with our usual 6-footer but without any of the glass decorations - just wood and wool. I couldn't bear to pack the baubles away though, and decided to create some out-of-reach decorations up high.

Above the mantlepiece hangs a real fir wreath with plenty of glass baubles tied with different coloured ribbons, and in the hallway more baubles/ribbons but this time with an added sprinkling of mistletoe.

That's not to say T won't do his usual damage, but fingers crossed it won't be anything too dangerous.
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