Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Pre Christmas binge eating

I have spent December unashamedly feasting. I have eaten, drunk, and made merry a little too much, and the resulting half a stone I've acquired will need to be dealt with strictly in 2012.

Here's what's to blame (and could almost be sung to the tune of 'The 12 Days of Christmas'):

3 curries
2 visits to Hyde & Co for fabulous cocktails (Spitfires, my god)
A box of cheese straws
Cava and Chambord black raspberry liqueur
Cava and Violette liqueur
1 Gingerbread house, decorated with £8 worth of pic n mix
  by oysterpots
Delicious mince pies from all sources, the best being the homemade ones filled with Lahloo Earl Grey and citrus mincemeat, encased in Nigella's clementine juice shortcrust
Much mulled wine, both red (classic) and white (saffron, Ikea)
Countless nets of chocolate coins, bought for the children, eaten by the grown ups

Delia's Christmas cake
Christmas cake by oysterpots

Label Anglais chicken for Christmas Day lunch, without exception the most incredible chicken I've ever eaten
A Chateau Beaucastel bought by my father in law years ago, brought out on Christmas Day. I think we were very honoured to try it and I doubt we'll drink anything so impressive again

The only culinary disappointment so far has been Christmas morning breakfast. In previous years we've baked Nigella's Christmas muffins, last year was 101 Cookbooks cinnamon rolls (faffy but well worth it), and this year I'd planned to make toasted pannetone with Carluccio's fig jam and Jamie's hot chocolate. But it just didn't happen, and we ended up eating some very mediocre pancakes.

So, January looms and it'll be healthy eating all the way. I'd planned to give up the booze for a month, along with dairy, but as I received both an ice cream machine and a yoghurt maker for Christmas giving up dairy seems a little foolish. Fro-yo, anyone?

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