Monday, 28 February 2011

Things to make 5am more bearable


When you live with two small people who think that 5am is a perfectly decent time to rise, you need to arm yourself with an arsenal of things to counteract this. In the war against the early birds, I own copious boxes of earplugs and have perfected a fail-safe way of curling my pillow over my head at just the right angle to best shut out the noise. But the time comes (normally approx 5.05am) when it's game over and I have to admit defeat and get up.

I have always been a tea-drinker, ever since I used to get into my parents' bed as a small child (hmm, is there a pattern emerging?) and my mum would pour me sugary tea into her saucer to cool it down fast enough for my impatient, petulant mouth to swallow. I dabbled with black coffee (instant, two sugars) at university to get me through all-night, essay-writing hell.

Seeing 5am regularly is a fresh hell, though, and one that requires fresh coffee. Our coffee-making equipment is rather meagre - we have a dusty cafetiere that comes out when we have people over for a meal, and we have two Moka pots (one small, one large) which are used daily. You can tell immediately what kind of a night we've had according to whether the 3-cup or the 6-cup Moka is on the hob.

Not content with necking strong coffee (now with milk but still sweet), I also apply it liberally to my face in the form of Origins GinZing Eye Cream, and Garnier Caffeine Anti-dark Circles Concealer. Add a bit of Clarins Beauty Flash embalming fluid Balm and you have the perfect recipe for small person survival.
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