Saturday, 19 February 2011

How to make washing up more appealing


We have a pretty good division of labour in the our household. I do most of the cooking, Ben does most of the washing up, although the baby bottles are mostly my domain (writing this, I think I get the better deal).

I can't bear washing up - the feeling of putting your hand into a cold sink full of dirty water to pull out the plug is one of my most hated jobs - but those pots and pans aint gonna wash themselves.
To make this most tedious of tasks slightly more bearable I have installed a jasmine plant on the windowsill. Earlier today I was washing out the sink and the beautiful scent from this lovely plant made the job almost pleasant. And the view from the sink window is improving every day... I can now spot snowdrops and violets, plus the green shoots of bulbs on their way up and out into the open.
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