Saturday, 5 February 2011

Brunch with Debo Mitford


I escaped from the boys to enjoy a solitary breakfast at Rosemarino in Clifton.

You're never alone when you've got a good book, though, and I took 'Wait for Me!' by Deborah Cavendish, youngest Mitford and dowager Duchess of Devonshire to keep me company. I have loved the Mitfords for years, and I'm fascinated by their escapades, no matter how often I read about them. It is taking me forever to read this book, an experience anyone with small children will share, I'm sure, so it was an extra treat to be given a chunk of time to enjoy it. 

My brain fed, I needed to feed my tum too, so I ordered granola with fruit and yoghurt, a Pago juice, and one of those really thick, dark hot chocolates that are almost custard-like. I could stick my spoon upright in this one - it was intense. The granola was delicious, the berries sweet and fragrant, and the yogurt rich and soothing.

Amazing how even just a little pocket of time like this can feel like a holiday. Returning home I was desperate to see the boys, who had been cooking up a storm of their own. A was so proud of the spaghetti sauce he'd helped to cook, and it was really rather good. It does fill my heart with joy that he's interested in food, ingredients, cooking. Doesn't have much choice, living in this food-obsessed house.
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