Thursday, 27 January 2011

I made marmalade


Hugely faffy, but utterly delicious. The chopping of the peel was an immense job that took me an hour or so, but it was that kind of repetitive task that becomes almost meditation-like. I went to a different place - Marmalade cafe perhaps - which was just what I needed on a cold and rainy winter weekend. There's a lot of shred in the end product (perhaps a bit more than I'd normally choose) but the flavour is so sparky. You can just about see in the pic that the recipe included two lemons, so it's quite a bitter-sharp combination, but bitter-sweet with it. The perfect balance.

Made using Riverford's marmalade kit and accompanying recipe - £4.49 ended up producing about six jars of amazing organic marmalade, that should hopefully last us at least part way through 2011.


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