Monday, 20 December 2010

Christmas biscuits, or how to entertain toddlers who aren't at pre-school

Finding ways and places to entertain toddlers is tricky at best. In the snow, it's virtually impossible. Where can you go?? Not far, that's for sure. Buggies aren't made for snow.

We spent a happy day playing at a friend's house with her two which killed 6 hours or so. The next day we invited them back to ours for more of the same. I whipped up a basic gingerbread recipe - thanks Delia - and away they went. Two tots in aprons wielding mini rolling pins, cookie cutters moving faster than the speed of light. Brilliant fun.

The icing and decorating was the best bit - basic icing dribbled all over, silver balls and red glitter. The only flaw was trying to persuade the boys to not eat every last one - we want some for the tree! And we definitely didn't want two sugared-up, cabin feverish kids racing about the house with nowhere to go to wear themselves out.

Oh, and we might've wanted one or two for ourselves. Tis the season, and all that.

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Christmas: Season of over-the-top baking

We were asked to bring some cakes along to a party, and so we made a basic fairy cake recipe with the addition of a good slug of lemon extract to liven things up.

A was on hand for decorating duties - we went for a yellow and red theme, and we added sprinkles, chocolate flakes, icing, and, of course, glitter. I had to leave the room, and when I came back A had red glitter all round his mouth and covering both palms. I asked if he'd been eating the glitter, and he denied all knowledge. Photographic evidence proves he dunnit.

What they don't teach you at NCT... by oysterpots
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