Monday, 16 June 2008

Upping My Game

A somewhat frustrating day. I'm a judge for the Southville Front Garden competition and today I did my two streets, searching out the best front gardens Southville has to offer. Well, nothing really stepped up to the mark I'm sorry to say. There were a few nice plants but no really amazing gardens that would make the grade. A shame really. Not that my front garden is a picture or anything.

I wanted to walk up to Borders and potter and buy the latest Martha Stewart Living magazine and maybe the new Martha Wainwright album - wow, Monday is Martha day - but the Piggles was in a grump, the front garden judging took a lot longer than it should have, and we ended up at Spike Island instead, to have a nose around the UWE fine art degree show. I found it far too cluttered and overwhelming, and one of the aspects of a degree show that I love is the back up work, the explanations, the illustrated journey from there to here. None of that. So by that time it was pretty late, and we ended up coming home to put some tea on for the boy and to get my dough made and risen for our supper. On the way home I photographed these beautiful roses and wished that I had something that lovely in my garden. Time to rethink.

Supper for the grown ups consisted of Folded Parsley Pizza, a calzone recipe from Ursula Ferrigno's Truly Italian book, and Strawberries with Red Wine and Ice Cream. The calzone isn't quite right as a main course, it's more of a starter or a side, but was good all the same and I impressed myself with the quality of the bread. Well done me.

Alice lent me The Gentle Art of Domesticity which has inspired me already, despite only having read the first few pages. Why can't everything be beautiful? Can it? I don't see why not.
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