Sunday, 15 June 2008

Oh, for heaven's sake

Pirate shoes on holiday: well, we had fun. It rained. It was a compromise. It made us realise that this is it now, that holidays will never be the same again. But overall it was good.

Today is the day I decided that I must, must, must carry on writing this blog. It's been 4 months since my last entry which is, frankly, hopeless. I have such limited time left before I go back to work that I want to fill my days with lovely things, like baking:

and gardening:

Today is Fathers' Day. The boy has been good, although teeth continue to cause grumbles. The dad has been unwell, finally succumbing to the bug we've all had. Poor lamb. It's no fun, especially at the weekend, especially Fathers' Day. I think he liked the present Piglet made him, a hand splattered mug. It is rather lovely.

So at ten-and-a-half months, what is Pigs up to? He makes munching sounds when he's hungry. He started to clap a week ago. He moos when we upturn the moo-maker. He's pretty much lovely most of the time. Aww. We love him dearly, far more than we ever thought possible. And in response, he loves his mummy's home-made sugar-free banana cakes:
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