Wednesday, 14 June 2006

Clevedon sunset

We spent a fortnight living in Clevedon with Ben's parents. A fortnight during which we had sold our house and were waiting to buy our new house. A fortnight where we were home-owners no longer. Quite an odd feeling... I think they call it limbo.

Actually it was a really lovely time after all the crap with the house. Felt a little like being on holiday by the seaside crossed with returning to tormented teenager status. We walked by the pier at sunset, we drank Pimms in the garden, we took the whole family out for curry (Posh Spice in Nailsea - can thoroughly recommend it), and we had the loveliest of weekends. With nothing to do and no DIY to preoccupy us, we went to Jess and Matt's to watch the first England World Cup match. Not an amazing game but quite a harrowing half-time spent in the garden trying to work out what to do with a half-dead rat that Frankie had been playing with (answer: scoop onto a trowel and fling over into the cemetary).

Then we drove to Scriv's house for a barbecue which was absolutely hilarious. Anything Scriv is involved with seems to be hilarious by default, but extra hilarity was provided by Scriv's flatmate Kev who at one point got so drunk that he fell in the flower-bed and couldn't get out.

On the Sunday Ben and I went for lunch at Quartier Vert (is there a better restaurant in Bristol? I don't think there is), bought the papers and sat on the Downs for a couple of hours watching the world go by. Heaven.

Monkey wasn't as resistant to Clevedon as we'd anticipated and was event quite sociable towards the end of the fortnight. All-in-all, a relaxing limbo.

I don't know how we're expected to produce a grandchild if we're given bunk-beds to sleep in though.
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