Tuesday, 9 May 2006

My exhibition...

...is up and running now, and looks pretty good. There are things I'd do differently and lots I've learnt, but the main thing is that it's done. The private view was great - around 175 people came and it felt full and bustling all evening. Snaps to my family who came and saw and supported, and to my lovely friends Ali, Ian and John who all came too. So nice to see everyone and a nice chat really took my mind of the stress of it all. That, and the lovely Severnshed cocktails.

And oh my god, Ben is amazing. He's been so brilliant to me - advising me on curating the exhibition, helping with the install itself, popping air bubbles in the floor, nursing me off the sofa when I got home late at night wired, tired and hungry. And the beautiful flowers he bought for me yesterday were sublime. Peonies. My very favourites. What a catch. I'll have to make his birthday next week an extra special one. It is the big 3-0, after all.
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