Wednesday, 17 May 2006

Happy birthday

Today is my boy's birthday, although I probably can't call him that anymore considering that for the next 7 months we will inhabit different decades - me in my 20s and he in his 30s. Very strange indeed.

I was so excited about seeing whether he liked his presents that I didn't really sleep very well - a bit like Christmas Eve - and woke him up at 7am with gifts, cake and sparklers. The cake was a brownie with raspberries, and presents were: Penguin by Design, a 1920s easel for him to resume drawing and painting in our new attic garret, sorry, bedroom, and a commissioned piece from Alys Paterson, who is a genius. Royal Mail let me down though, and there are two more presents to come that remain secret.

Tonight we'll be dining as a family (Joyner side) at Cafe Maitreya which we're both looking forward to tremendously. Ah, birthdays... sometimes I think other people's birthdays are more fun than your own.

Happy Birthday Benny V! Can I see some ID please?
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