Sunday, 16 April 2006

Upload THAT

Claire came to stay and on Saturday night we met up with Jess, Matt, Joe, Kate, Scriv and a friend of his, Nigel, to see the Glastonbury film at the Watershed. It was very jolly, and certain parts of the film were hilarious - in particular, the family who cleaned out the loos, and the Stereo MCs. It did feel like being there almost, especially going with the people we'd really been there with most recently. Lots of jokes about casseroles, wet-wipes, mixing desks etc.

The Watershed bar were even serving Brother's Pear Cider which was terribly exciting. Joe and Matt both bought a bottle of 7% festival strength, and were ready to dance all night in front of a generator (or in someone else's car?). The subject of blogs came up and Scriv expressed his confusion, claiming not to understand the difference between a blog and a forum and a Word document, and had us all in stitches.

The film obviously had a profound effect on me as I dreamt I was taking part in a game featuring lots of naked people. To be in with a chance of winning I had to put clothes on as many of them as possible. My subconscious mind is obviously a prude.
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